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Private Stock, Frank Zappa.

Welcome to PRIVATE STOCK. Frank Zappa was an American composer, guitarist, record producer and a film director. In my opinion Frank is the must under rated   guitar player of All Time. He has a long discography, over 60 albums he produced must of them and he wrote the lyrics to all of his songs, often humorously and always reflecting his political and social views of the world. And his musical compositions sometimes impossible to categorize. His influences are rhythm blues, jazz, rock, classical music etc. He is one of the must original guitarists and composers of his time, many of his albums are considered essential in rock and jazz history. Frank remains a major influence on musicians and composers. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995 and received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997.
Here lets enjoy Frank performing "The Muffin Man"
Frank was a lot of thinks, beside been one of the greatest musicians guitar players of All Time, he was also a strident critic of mainstream education and organized religion, and a forthright and passionate advocate for freedom of speech and the abolition of censorship. He released his first album in 1966 with his band The Mothers of Invention, "Freak Out" was the name of it, and from there he never stop, he was one of the must productive musicians ever. He was born in Dec. 21, 1940 and died Dec. 4, 1993 from prostate cancer.
Here another great song "Watermelon in Easter Hay"

Frank Zappa was for must a very honest individual, he didn't like drugs and have some problems because of that with musicians he played with during his life. He played with many people and his band trough the years had many changes and different line ups, eventually he didn't use the "Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention" anymore just "Frank Zappa" or "Zappa". He is famous for many thinks and his music always  different, amazing collective improvisations, guitar solos, funny lyrics, enduring compositions etc.
Lets enjoy Frank Zappa, performing "Stinkfoot"

One of the events that a lot of people remember Frank by is when he testified before the US Senate Commerce, Technology and Transportation committee on September 19, 1985, attacking the Parents Music Resource Center or PMRC a music organization consisted of many wifes of politicians and it was founded to address the issue of song lyrics with sexual or satanic content and to promote a path towards censorship. It was a legal fight and Frank was there fighting for the right reasons and this was his statement to the US Senate.
The PMRC proposal is an ill-conceived piece of nonsense which fails to deliver any real benefits to children, infringes the civil liberties of people who are not children, and promises to keep courts busy for years dealing with interpretational and enforcemental problems inherent in the proposal 's design. The establishment of a rating system, opens the door to an endless parade of moral quality control programs based on things certain Christians do not like, What if the next bunch of Washington wives demand a large yellow "J" on all material written or performed by Jews, in order to save children from exposure to concealed Zionist doctrine?
That was very interesting and a Victory for freedom in general.
Lets enjoy Zappa performing a great song "Black Napkins"

Here is the gigantic Frank Zappa Discography.
1966- Freak Out!
1967- Absolutely Free
1968- We're Only in It for the Money
1968- Lumpy Gravy
1968- Cruising with Ruben & the Jets
1969- Uncle Meat
1969- Hot Rats
1970- Burnt Weeny Sandwich
1970- Weasels Ripped My Flesh
1970- Chunga's Revenge
1971- Fillmore East- June 1971
1971- 200 Motels
1972- Just Another Band from L.A.
1972- Waka/Jawaka
1972- The Grand Wazoo
1973- Over-Nite Sensation
1974- Apostrophe (')
1974-Roxy & Elsewhere
1975- One Size Fits All
1976- Zoot Allures
1978- Zappa in New York
1978- Studio Tan
1979- Sleep Dirt
1979- Sheik Yerbouti
1979- Orchestral Favorites
1979- Joe's Garage
1981- Tinseltown Rebellion
1981- Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar
1981- You Are What You Is
1982- Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch
1983- The Man From Utopia
1983- Baby Snakes
1983- London Symphony Orchestra, Vol. 1
1984- Boulez Conducts Zappa: The Perfect Stranger
1984- Them or Us
1984- Thing-Fish
1984- Francesco Zappa
1985- Frank Zappa Meets the Mothers of Prevention
1986- Does Humor Belong in Music?
1986- Jazz From Hell
1987- London Symphony Orchestra, Vol. 2
1988- Guitar
1988- You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 1
1988- You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 2
1988- Broadway the Hard Way
1989- You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 3
1991- The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life
1991- You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 4
1991- Make a Jazz Noise Here
1991- Beat the Boots 11
1992- You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 5
1992- You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 6
1992- Playground Psychotics
1993- Ahead of Their Time
1993- The Yellow Shark
1994- Civilization, Phaze 111
1996- The Lost Episodes
1996- Luther
1996- Frank Zappa Plays the Music of Frank Zappa: A Memorial Tribute
1997- Have I Offended Someone?
1997- Mystery Disc
1999- Everything Is Healing Nicely
2002- FZ:OZ
2003- Halloween
2004- Joe's Corsage
2004- QuAudiophiliac
2004- Joe's Domage
2005- Joe's XMASage
2006- Imaginary Diseases
2006- Trance-Fusion
2006- The Making Of Freak Out! Project/Object
2006- The Frank Zappa AAAFNRAA Birthday Bundle
2007- The Dub Room Special
2007- Wazoo
2008- One Shot Deal
2008- Joe's Menage
2009- The Lumpy Money Project/Object
2009- Philly'76
There are many compilations available as well. That's all this week and to end this edition of PRIVATE STOCK, lets enjoy Zappa performing "Montana"

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