Monday, August 31, 2009

Private Stock, Carlos Santana.

Welcome to PRIVATE STOCK. Carlos Santana one of the best guitar players songwriters of all time. We have been enjoying his music since the end of the 60's. He is part of the music History, he born in Mexico and his family moved to San Francisco were he graduated from High School in 1965.
He formed the Santana Blues Band in 1966 and started playing around in the night clubs. In 1969 with his performance at the Woodstock festival the band signed a contract with Columbia Records.
Here enjoy live "samba pa ti"

Santana sound has many influences Blues, Rock, Jazz, Latin, African and he put it all together in such a nice way. He has been writing so much beautiful music and played with so many great musicians.
Lets enjoy from the early days this performance in 1970 "Treat"

There are more than one reason for his success, being one of the greatest guitar players and songwriters is one of them. His soul and heart are the other ones, he always said what he feel about wherever issue we have as a nation or just as a humans to governors and presidents. He has been very spiritual and caring for mother nature.
He still rocking and during his long career he has been playing with so many people here he is live in 1976 performing "Europa"

Carlos Santana Discography is gigantic after the 1969 released of the self titled album he just took off and never stop, he has albums with the band and he has albums with other people. He share the stage with great musicians of all different types of music. No collection is complete without Carlos Santana.
That's all this week, and to end this edition of PRIVATE STOCK lets enjoy Carlos Santana and Buddy Guy jamming together.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Private Stock, Traffic.

Welcome to PRIVATE STOCK. Traffic was formed in 1967 by four talented musicians from Birmingham, England.
Steve Winwood- organ, guitar, piano, bass, harpsichord and vocals.
Jim Capaldi- drums, percussion and vocals.
Chris Wood- flute, saxophone, organ, percussion, and vocals.
Dave Mason- guitar, mellotron, sitar, harmonica and vocals.
Traffic music have "something special". The way they wrote and performed, they were making music, they all could play different instruments, in the beginning it was a psychedelic sound. Check out from those early days in 1968 this performance in the Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's "Goodbye Again" TV show, the song is "40 000 Headmen"

In 1969 the band breakup for a little bit and Steve Winwood with Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Rick Greck formed Blind Faith. They released one album (excellent) tour once and breakup, here is a sample of that super group this is "Can't Find My Way Home" from 1969.

From the beginning they had problems with Dave Mason specially Steve Winwood. By 1970 the band reunited without Dave Mason and released "Jhon Barleycorn must die" definitely a successful album.
The band is more mature and from their psychedelic early sound they now incorporated jazz, folk and progressive rock. From 1972 lets check out "John Barleycorn".

Traffic has been always one of my favorite bands, they didn't have a long life mainly because of problems between Dave Mason and the rest of them but Steve Winwood more than the others and I feel that they did need him he was an excellent songwriter but they couldn't get along and that's way they formed in 1967 and breakup in 1974 for good. In this period of time they released these albums:
Mr. Fantasy- 1967.
Traffic- 1968.
Last Exit- 1969.
John Barleycorn Must Die- 1970.
The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys- 1971.
Welcome to the Canteen- 1971.
Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory- 1973.
On the Road- 1973.
When the Eagle Flies- 1974
All of these albums are really good and could be a great addition to anyone collection. Enjoy the music that's all for now and to end this edition of PRIVATE STOCK here is live from 1972 "Dear Mr. Fantasy".

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Private Stock, Grand Funk Railroad.

Welcome to PRIVATE STOCK, one of the best "American bands" Grand Funk Railroad was formed in 1968, this was the original line up:
Mark Farner- guitars, lead vocals, keyboards.
Don Brewer- drums, lead vocals.
Mel Schacher- bass guitar.
In 1969 they released "On Time" the band first album. The power and talent of the trio gave them a unique style, their live shows were a different experience.
From those early days lets check out "Inside Looking Out"

In 1970 the band was very productive and they released three albums, "Grand Funk", "Closer To Home" and "Live".In 1971 the band released two albums "Survival" and "E. Pluribus Funk". They sold millions of albums, sell out shows breaking all records. Lets check out "I'm Your Captain" from 1971 at Shea Stadium in New York were Grand Funk became the second band to sell out Shea Stadium, the Beatles was the first band that sell out Shea Stadium.

In 1972 the band fired Terry Knight and hired John Eastman as the new manager, as a result a legal battle involving millions of dollars went on. The band was going through a lot of changes "Phoenix" was released that year. In 1973 the band added a keyboard player Graig Frost and they released "We're An American Band".
From 1974 lets check out the four men line up of Grand Funk, this is "We re An American Band".

Two more albums were released in 1974 Shinin' On" and "All The Girls In The World Beware!!!". In 1975 a double live album "Caught In The Act" was released. Highly successful until this point, they started to have problems, musical direction, leadership, I don't know maybe they were a bit burn-out. In 1976 the band released Good Singin', Good Playin", this was not a good album and Mark Farner left the band he was replaced and the band went on but I didn't really like any album after that.
From 1969 to 1975 Grand Funk was in the top, the quality and intensity of their music set them apart with the greatest musicians club.
To end this edition of PRIVATE STOCK lets check out "Heartbreaker" live from 1974.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Private Stock, Chicago.

Welcome to PRIVATE STOCK. Chicago what a great band, seven musicians created a sound and style very unique. The original and talented line up was:
Peter Cetera-bass.
Terry Kath-guitar.
Danny Seraphine-drums.
Robert Lamm-keyboards.
James Pankow-trombone.
Walter Parazaider-saxophone.
Lee Loughnane-trumpet.
The band was formed in 1967 and in 1969 they released their first album using the name "Chicago Transit Authority". This name was shortened to Chicago after the released of the album.
I love their sound is a mix of Jazz, Rock, Progressive (specially in the first album) Pop etc.
Here a song from a live TV presentation in 1970, I'm a man.

Their sold millions of albums, they were among the most successful bands of the 70's.
They were original and every album produced in the 70's with this line up had at least couple of songs in the US charts.
Lets check out from those early days "make me smile"

So much talent in this band the combination of the horn section, with Terry Kath guitar (one of the best guitar players of all time), Robert Lamm on keyboards, peter Cetera on bass and Danny Seraphine on drums is the secret of the band unique sound. Lets check out this live performance from 1970, "It Better End Soon"

Chicago is one of the greatest bands with a big Discography.
1978 was not a good year for the band, Terry Kath tragically died.
I know that some people probably won't agree with me but after Terry Kath pass. the sound of the band was not the same, they are still making music and play shows all over the world.
I strongly recommend the first eleven albums of the band, they will be a great addition to any ones collection.
Lets check out "Beginnings" from 1972 live in Tokyo to end this edition of PRIVATE STOCK, relax end enjoy the music.