Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Private Stock, Led Zeppelin.

Welcome to PRIVATE STOCK. The Greatest Band of All Time, Led Zeppelin was formed in London England in 1968 by;
Jimmy Page- guitar.
Robert Plant- vocals.
John Bonham- drums.
John Paul Jones- bass guitar, keyboards, mandolin.
With all their success and achievements they have a special place in rock history. These are just some of their achievements;
January 1995- Inducted into the United States Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
November 2006- Inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame.
November 1999- The "Recording Industry Announces Awards" Led Zeppelin were the third in music history to achieve four or more Diamons albums.
All of their studio albums reach the top 10 of the Billboard chart in the U.S.
Rolling Stone magazine has described Led Zeppelin as "the heaviest band of all time", "the biggest band of the '70s" and "unquestionably one of the most enduring bands in rock history".
They just awesome, here enjoy "Black Dog"

The band influences blues, hard rock, folk rock, Indian etc. Jimmy Page was playing bass with The Yardbirds and Jeff Beck was the lead guitar but he left the band in 1966 and Jimmy Page became the lead guitar of the Yardbirds. In 1968 the band was tired of recording and touring and they breakup in the summer of that year.
They were still committed to do several concerts and they authorized Jimmy Page and Chris Dreja the bass guitar to use the Yardbirds name to fulfil the band's obligations and this is how Led Zeppelin was formed, first Jimmy suggested Robert Plant for the singer who recommended John Bonham for the drums by this time Chris Dreja dropped out of the project, some how Jhon Paul Jones found out about the vacant position and contacted Jimmy Page who agree to bring him to play bass in the new Yardbirds lineup. They completed the Yardbirds obligations and later that year in November as Led Zeppelin they signed a contract with Atlantic Records.
Here enjoy this great song "No Quarter"

I still remember like if it was yesterday the first time I listen to them. Led Zeppelin 11 was my first Zeppelin album and after that I got Led Zeppelin 1 and just every time they released an album I got it right away from that point, they are unique, here another one of my favorite songs the "Rain Song".

In 1980 the band was preparing for a tour, they were at Jimmy Page house when
tragically on September of 1980 John Bonham died after a few days of excessive drinking, the cause of death was asphyxiation from his vomit. That was the end of Led Zeppelin they didn't want to replace him, they issued a press statement on December of 1980;
"We wish it to be know that the loss of our dear friend, and the deep sense of undivided harmony felt by ourselves and our manager, have led us to decide that we could not continue as we were".
Almost 30 years later the band continues to be held in high regard for their commercial success and broad influence. The band has sold over 200 millions albums worldwide. Here lets remember the early days from 1969 "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You".

This is the Led Zeppelin Discography;
Led Zeppelin, 1969.
Led Zeppelin 11, 1969.
Led Zeppelin 111, 1970.
Led Zeppelin 1V, 1971.
Houses of the Holy, 1973.
Physical Graffiti, 1975.
The Songs Remains the Same, 1976.
Presence, 1976.
In Through the Out Door, 1979.
Coda, 1982.
All of these albums are great and there are plenty of compilations.
That is all this week and to end this edition of PRIVATE STOCK here is Led Zeppelin performing "Stairway to Heaven".

Friday, September 25, 2009

Private Stock, The Allman Brothers Band.

Welcome to PRIVATE STOCK. One of the Greatest Bands of All Time, inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995. The Allman Brothers Band was formed in 1969 and we have been enjoying their music ever since. This was the original Line up:
Duane Allman- guitar, slide guitar.
Gregg Allman- organ, piano, vocals.
Berry Oakley- bass, vocals.
Dickey Betts- guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals.
Butch Trucks- drums, tympani.
Jai Johanny Johanson- drums, percussion.
Their music have so many influences southern rock, jazz, blues. They have a unique sound. Here is a song from the 1970 tour, "Dreams" live at the Fillmore East.

They had so much talent in that original line up, with Duane Allman and Dickey Betts they have not only one but two of the best guitar players of All Time.
The band first album was released in 1969 "The Allman Brothers Band" they started touring and every time they play they jam like if it was the last show they were going to play. The Band always play with so much intensity. Their live album released in 1971, "At Fillmore East" is considered by the Rolling Stone magazine as one of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. Here from 1970 check out "Whipping Post" live at Fillmore East and you will see why.

The album was certified gold and sadly shortly after that in October 29 1971 Duane Allman died in a motorcycle accident. Then a year after that in November 11 1972, Berry Oakley died also in a motorcycle accident three blocks from the intersection of Duane's death.
The band kept it going and they still are active recording and touring all over, they sound great. Here from the 2003 tour lets check out "Statesboro Blues"

Before Duane Allman died he work with Eric Clapton's Derek and the Dominos in the "Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs" album.
Here is The Allman Brothers Band discography:
The Allman Brothers Band- 1969.
Idlewild South- 1970.
At Fillmore East- 1971.
Eat a Peach- 1972.
Brothers and Sisters- 1973.
Win, Lose or Draw- 1975.
Enlightened Rogues- 1979.
Reach for the Sky- 1980.
Brothers of the Road- 1981.
Seven Turns- 1990.
Shades of Two Worlds- 1991.
Where It All Begins- 1994.
Hittin' the Note- 2003.
All of these albums are really good and every home need to have some Brothers in their collection.
That is all for this week and to end this edition of PRIVATE STOCK here this is my favorite Allman Brothers Band song, from the early days with the original line up this is "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" performed live at Fillmore East in 1970.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Private Stock, Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Welcome to PRIVATE STOCK. Stevie Ray Vaughan, one of the Best guitar players of All Time. Born in Dallas, Texas in October 3, 1954. His brother three years older also a musician Jimmie Vaughan got Stevie his first electric guitar when he was nine years old, he played in numerous bands from early age, school dances and private parties. In July of 1981 "Double Trouble" played at the Music Festival in Manor Texas with this line up;
Lou Ann Barton- vocals.
Mike Kindred- keyboards.
Chris Layton- drums.
Tommy Shannon- bass guitar.
Stevie Ray Vaughan- guitars, vocals.
A videotape of this performance fell into the hands of Charlie Watts form the Rolling Stones and in 1982 the band was invited to play at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland where they meet Jackson Browne who was impress by the band performance and to help the band he offers them free studio recording time in his Los Angeles Studio, they accepted the offer. In the summer of 1983 Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble released their first album "Texas Flood"
Here lets enjoy some blues check out "Texas Flood"

Stevie has been one of my favorite musicians since the release of that first album and the experience of see these musicians play at a live show absolutely memorable.
He play guitar write and sing the songs using his hands and his heart as well.
Here enjoy this song that Stevie wrote for his wife, performed live at "El Mocambo" this is "Lenny"

He played with some of the best musicians like Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, BB King just to name some of them. In his own words Stevie want to play guitar from the heart.
That's why when you listen to his music, something happen to your skin.
He loved Fender Stratocaster guitars and when he played a show he used all different
fender guitars. Some of Stevie influences are Albert King, Otis Rush, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Lonnie Mack etc. Here enjoy "Riviera Paradise"

In the summer of 1990 he was touring with Eric Clapton and after a show at Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, WI. They were transported out of there in a helicopter that crash to a 300 foot hill. The pilot, Stevie Ray Vaughan and three members of Eric Clapton team were killed instantly.
Stevie have many Grammy Awards and nominations. In 2000 he was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame and since 2008 he is eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Every home need to have some Stevie so here is the Discography;
Texas Flood- 1983
Couldn't Stand the Weather- 1984
Soul to Soul- 1985
Live Alive- 1986
In Step- 1989
Family Style- 1990
There are plenty of Compilations:
The Sky is Crying- 1991
Greatest Hits- 1995
The Real Deal, GH Volume 2- 1999
Blues at Sunrise- 2000
The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble- 2002. Just to name some of them.
All of these albums are REALLY GOOD and will be a great addition to anyone collection.
That's all this week and to end this edition of PRIVATE STOCK lets enjoy, "Tin Pan Alley" live in Tokyo in 1985.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Private Stock, The Doors.

Welcome to PRIVATE STOCK. The Doors was formed in 1965 by four musicians, Jim Morrison on vocals, Ray Manzarek on keyboards, John Densmore on drums and Robby Krieger on guitar. In 1967 they released their first album, "The Doors" and in 1971 after the tragic death of Jim Morrison they released their last album "L.A. Woman". They didn't have a long life but they are part of the music history and they were a very influential American band.
Here they were at the Smother Brothers comedy hour and this is "Touch Me"

Their unique sound come from Jim Morrison voice and Ray Manzarek Keyboards but Robby Krieger guitar and John Densmore drums were a big part of that sound as well.
They were original and unpredictable, a band with no bass player (in the form of a guitar) Ray Manzarek played the bass in his keyboards.
Lets check out this performance from 1968 live at the Hollywood Bowl.

There are lots of stories about Jim Morrison incidents on stage, he was arrested a few times for indecent exposure or shows were cancelled due to Jim's being way to drunk to perform and most of it is all true, he was out of control. He was a great musician and a poet that people fell in love with because the way their music make you feel, they did have that "special vibe".
Lets check out this 1968 performance live at the Hollywood Bowl "The Unknown Soldier"

Jim Morrison died on July 3, 1971 in his apartment in Paris, France at the age of 27 like a bunch of other famous rock stars that also died at 27 years old.
Jim is missed and resting in peace. The Doors Discography:
1967- The Doors.
1967- Strange Days.
1968- Waiting for the Sun.
1969- The Soft Parade.
1970- Morrison Hotel.
1970- Absolutely Live.
1971- L.A. Woman.
All of these albums are really good.
That's all this week and to end this edition of PRIVATE STOCK lets enjoy from 1970 Live at the Isle of Wight festival, "The End".