Monday, June 29, 2009

Private Stock, first edition. Rory Gallagher.

Welcome to PRIVATE STOCK, this blog is for people who love 70's music but want to hear something different than what we call the "classics".
I love music and I would like to share what I like with people. I will start with Rory Gallagher one of the very best guitar players. Rory is no longer with us but just give him a chance and he will touch your soul, not only with his guitar also with his lirics, just check this song from his first solo album and you will understand.

Rory is from Ireland and in the end of the 60's he started playing with a band call "TASTE". They produced two studio albums and I've been hearing some live recordings from the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival but I don't know if there is an album or just some recordings here and there.
In 1971 he started a solo career with a self titled album and the rest is history.
Send any questions or comments. Here I found a nice version of "Calling Card" for everyone to enjoy.

For those of you that want to add some Rory to your collection here are some suggestions:
Big Guns: the very best of Rory Gallagher,2005
Rory Gallagher, BBC Sessions,1999
Rory Gallagher,1971
Live in Europe,1972
Irish Tour,1974
Calling Card,1976
Top Priority,1979
Lets hear some blues to end this edition of PRIVATE STOCK, this is Rory in 1980 France,enjoy the music.