Friday, October 30, 2009

Private Stock, Black Sabbath.

Welcome to PRIVATE STOCK and happy HALLOWEEN. Another GREAT band and one more of my favorites, Black Sabbath from England was formed in 1968 by four musicians:
Ozzy Osbourne- lead vocals.
Tony Iommi- guitar.
Geezer Butler- bass.
Bill Ward- drums.
When I think about Black Sabbath this is the only line up that come to my mind, but through the years the band's line up had many changes starting in 1979 when Ozzy was fired due to his heavy drinking lifestyle and replaced by Ronnie James Dio.
The first song that I ever hear from Black Sabbath was "Paranoid" and ever since they became one of my favorite bands. Here lets enjoy again that song.

Ronnie James Dio recorded a few albums with Black Sabbath and after him other great musicians went through the band Ian Gillan, Glen Hughes and Ray Gillen just to name some, but none of them could replace Ozzy that's way the original line up is the one and only Black Sabbath for me and for many people as well.
They are one of the most influential bands. They are unique, their sound and style using occult and horror lyrics give the band a dark reputation which is the base of their worldwide success. Here check out from the early days "War Pigs"

They have multiple awards and nominations The "Rolling Stones " magazine called the band the Beatles of heavy metal, Time Magazine called the album "Paranoid" the birthplace of heavy metal and one of the Top 100 Albums of All Time. VH1 said they are number two of their list of the 100 Greatest Artist of Hard Rock. Black Sabbath was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006. They still selling millions of albums all over the world, they have fun's young and old and everything between. Here enjoy this video from the early days "Black Sabbath"

There is no question of their Influence and Legacy. They wrote their name in the music History. Here is The Black Sabbath discography but don't forget that "Never Say Die!" from 1978 was the last album with Ozzy Osbourne on vocals.
1970- Black Sabbath
1970- Paranoid
1971- Master of Reality
1972- Black Sabbath Vol.4
1973- Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
1975- Sabotage
1976- Technical Ecstasy
1978- Never Say Die!
1980- Heaven and Hell
1981- Mob Rules
1983- Born Again
1986- Seventh Star
1987- The Eternal Idol
1989- Headless Cross
1990- Tyr
1992- Dehumanizer
1994- Cross Purposes
1995- Forbidden
That is all this week, once again happy HALLOWEEN to everybody and to end this edition of PRIVATE STOCK lets check out "N.I.B."

Friday, October 23, 2009

Private Stock, AC/DC.

Welcome to PRIVATE STOCK. One of the Greatest bands of All Time AC/DC was formed in Australia in 1973 by two brothers Malcom and Angus Young. The band's line up had many changes through the years. The band first album was released only in Australia in 1975 and this was the band line up.
Malcom Young- guitar.
Angus Young- guitar.
Bon Scott- vocals.
Phil Rudd- drums.
Mark Evans- bass.
The power and intensity of their music and their shows made them a Legend. Lets remember some of that first line up with Bon Scott on vocals. "Highway to Hell"

In those early years the band gain popularity with songs like "High Voltage" and "It's a Long Way to the Top If You Wanna Rock'n' Roll". In 1976 AC/DC signed a contract with Atlantic Records and released their first album with worldwide distribution "High Voltage" and the rest is history, the band sold three million copies of that album, that was just the beginning. From the Bon Scott era check out another great song, "Girls Got Rhythm"

Tragedy hit the band when Bon Scott die in February 19 of 1980 after drinking too much. The band almost quitt but they believe that Bon Scott would have wanted the band to keep rocking. Brian Johnson replaced Bon Scott that year. AC/DC is probably the only band to achieve so much success with both of their singers is incredible.
The Brian Johnson era started with the released of one of their must succesfull albums "Back in Black". Here check out AC/DC with Brian Johnson on vocals this is
"Back in Black"

In 2003 AC/DC was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The band has sold more than 200 million albums worldwide, they have many awards and recognitions they wrote their name in the history of music and to this day they still rocking.
Here enjoy another great song "Thunderstruck"

They are such a good band with so much energy and intensity. Here check the band's discography;
1975- High Voltage (released only in Australia)
1975- T.N.T.
1976- High Voltage (worldwide it has songs from the previus two albums)
1976- Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
1977- Let There Be Rock
1978- Powerage
1979- Highway to Hell
1980- Back in Black
1981- For Those About to Rock We Salute You
1983- Flick of the Switch
1985- Fly on the Wall
1986- Who Made Who
1988- Blow Up Your Video
1990- The Razors Edge
1995- Ballbreaker
2000- Stiff Upper Lip
2008- Black Ice
This is a long great discography and there are also plenty of compilations.
That is all this week and to end this edition of PRIVATE STOCK lets enjoy TNT

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Private Stock, Alice Cooper.

Welcome to PRIVATE STOCK. Living Legend Alice Cooper, great American musician who is also an actor and a radio DJ his show "Nights with Alice Cooper" is very cool.
His real name is Vincent Damon Furnier, we have been enjoying his music for 40 years. He definitely created a sound and image totally unique.
Check out "Is It My Body"

His line up had many changes through the years but the original line up was:
Vincent Furnier (Alice Cooper)- singer.
Glen Buxton- Lead guitar.
Michael Bruce- rhythm guitar.
Dennis Dunaway- bass guitar.
Neal Smith- drums.
The band influences; The Beatles, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, The Who and by Alice Cooper admission The Yardbirds was his favorite band.
The name Alice Cooper was intended as the band name but people start to call Vincent Alice so little by little he took the name for himself, officially in 1975 with the released of "Welcome to My Nightmare" as his first solo album.
Lets enjoy "No More Mr. Nice Guy"

He change music and the concept of what you can do on stage, he was definitely a pioneer way ahead of his time creating shows with spiders, dead people, guillotines, blood and just horror in general along with his music and unique appearance it was a recipe for success and to this day he still recording and touring very active with his career. Lets check out one of his great songs that I remember always playing over and over every year the last day of school. Here enjoy "School's Out"

Alice Cooper has influenced many people and his name is in the music history with his long career he has a huge Discography.
1969- "Pretties for You"
1970- "Easy Action"
1971- "Love It to Death"
1971- "Killer"
1972- "School's out"
1973- "Billion Dollar Babies"
1973- "Muscle of Love"
1975- "Welcome to My Nightmare"
1976- "Alice Cooper Goes to Hell"
1977- "Lace and Whiskey"
1978- "From the Inside"
1980- "Flush the Fashion"
1981- "Special Forces"
1982- "Zipper Catches Skin"
1983- "DaDa"
1986- "Constrictor"
1987- "Raise Your Fist and Yell"
1989- "Trash"
1991- "Hey Stoopid"
1994- "The Last Temptation"
2000- "Brutal Planet"
2001- "Dragontown"
2003- "The Eyes of Alice Cooper"
2005- "Dirty Diamonds"
2008- "Along Came a Spider"
1977- The Alice Cooper Show.
1991- Live at the Whiskey A Go-G0, 1969.
1997- A Fisful of Alice.
2003- Brutally Live.
2005- Live at Cabo Wabo '96.
2006- Live at Montreux 2005.
There are many compilations as well. These albums are not only good but full of history and to end this edition of PRIVATE STOCK, lets enjoy "I'm Eighteen".

Friday, October 9, 2009

Private Stock, The Who.

Welcome to PRIVATE STOCK. One of the All Time Greatest Rock Band, The Who from the UK was formed in 1964 by:
Roger Daltrey- vocals, harmonica.
Pete Townshend- guitar.
John Entwistle- bass.
Keith Moon- drums.
In 1965 the band released their first album "My Generation" and one of the songs of this album "I Can't Explain" it was the first of many top ten hit singles to come and after their memorable performances in 1967 at The Monterey festival and 1969 at Woodstock they became one of the best.
Here lets check out "pinball Wizard"

The Who is definitly one of the most influential bands of the 60s and 70s. They have influenced GREAT BANDS, like: Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, AC/DC, just to name some of many bands to claim that The Who had influencing their music in one way or another. The Who change Rock music with everything they did, their live performances were so energetic they were the first band to destroy their instrumens after the show and that became a tradition for a number of years.
Here another great song lets enjoy, "Baba O'Riley"

They got so many Awards:
In 1990 The Who were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
In 2005 The Who were inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame.
In 2006 they won the first annual Freddie Mercury Lifetime Achievement in Live Music Award.
In 1988 they received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the British Phonographic Industry.
In 1998 "Tommy" was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, "My generation" in 1999 and "Who's Next" in 2007.
"live at Leeds" from 1970 is considered by many critics as "the best live rock album of all the time".
These just to name a few of them. The Who wrote their name in the history of music.
Lets enjoy another great The Who song, "Who Are You"

In August of 1978 The Who released "Who Are You" their biggest seller, The band was at the top of their game having all this success. And then tragedy hit the band when in September 7 of 1978 Keith Moon died of an overdose of a prescribed medicine he was taken to combat alcohol withdrawal, it was very sad.
In 1979 The Who replaced Keith Moon and went on for a tour, the new drummer was Kenney Jones of The Faces. Here is The Who with Kenney Jones on drums performing
"Behind Blue Eyes"

The band kept going touring and recording with the 3 survivors when in June of 2002 before a US tour was due begin, John Entwistle was found dead in his room at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. To this day Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend keep touring and working together.
Here is the band Discography:
My Generation- 1965.
A Quick One- 1966.
The Who Sell Out- 1967.
Tommy- 1969.
Live at Leeds- 1970.
Who's Next- 1971.
Quadrophenia- 1973.
Odds & Sods- 1974.
The Who by Numbers- 1975.
Who Are You- 1978.
Face Dances- 1981.
It's Hard- 1982.
Endless Wire- 2006.
All of these albums are great and full of music history.
That is all this week and to end this edition of PRIVATE STOCK, lets check out from the 1969 Woodstock Festival, "See Me Feel Me".